5 Best Office Chairs To Relieve Back Pain

5 Best Office Chairs To Relieve Back Pain

The way that you sit at an office desk can have a permanent impact on your spine and bone structure, causing back pain as a warning sign that you need to change your seated position. Research from Chiropractors reveals that you can eliminate the risks associated with poor posture by switching to an adjustable office chair whilst you work. Here are five of the best solutions to choose for your office.

Bestuhl S30 Office Chair - £290.40 incl. VAT

The Bestuhl S30 design has a range of adjustable features to ensure the correct alignment for your body. Being seated too high or low at your desk can have a detrimental effect on your posture, which is why you will love the height adjustable arms and adaptable lumbar support offered by this chair.

The design also offers a synchro mechanism with tension adjust to tailor it entirely to the person seated in it.

Viasit Cloonch Height Adjustable Stool - £282 incl. VAT

If you would prefer a more compact solution for your office, then the Viasit Cloonch Height Adjustable Stool is a fantastic option. With 360-degree movement, the design is well suited to a corner desk as you can easily access a large surface area.

The design of the stool also encourages dynamic sitting or perching which is excellent for your circulation and posture. You will find it easy to switch to a standing position, meaning that you might choose this stool to go with one of our sit-stand desks.

Viasit Kickster Task Chair - £299.80 incl. VAT

The Kickster chair has been created in response to the evolution of today’s working lifestyle. The design of the chair goes way beyond the traditional 9am-5pm office job and has been produced to support the changing nature of your business. Whether you would like the Kickster to form part of your remote working office, or to kit out a new start-up enterprise with, you can be assured it will deliver.

With a sliding seat, flow recline and three locking positions, you could not ask for much more from an office chair.

Viasit Impulse Too Task Chair - £390 incl. VAT

The Impulse Too is a premium German-made design within our range and comes with a Black Gabriel Atlantic seat cushion.

The ergonomics of the design are incredibly impressive with a 120 degree recline, four position lock, an integrated forward tilt and instant response tension control wheel.

Viasit Drumback Task Chair £354 incl. VAT

Another example of a high-quality ergonomic office chair, the Viasit Drumback design is ideal for any type of general office use and delivers precise lumbar support for every individual user. This is achieved through the tension control which automatically adjusts based on the weight and depth of your body. The adjustable armrests are finished with pads to ensure you feel both comfortable and supported whilst you work.

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