Accessories You Need for Your Sit Stand Desk

Accessories You Need for Your Sit Stand Desk

Standing desks are becoming an increasingly popular office addition, and there are many benefits to choosing one.

But it’s not as easy as just standing up from your office chair – there are hidden risks that you will need to alleviate in order to gain the best advantage from your sit-stand desk. Luckily, there are plenty of accessories you can buy to help you work more effectively and keep your body healthy.

4-Way Memory Controller

If you want to upgrade the memory controls of your desk, a four-way memory controller is a great way to save your favourite heights to save you time when you’re working. The LCD display makes it easy to see the details you need, providing you with a quick readout of the height of the desk at any time. Memory controllers create a more bespoke and tailored experience, enabling you to swiftly move from seating to standing in seconds without needing to remember the heights that work best for your needs.

Cable Spine

Cable management is a problem for any desk set-up, but particularly for sit-stand desks where you need something that’s durable and flexible. Cable spines are a superb way to manage unsightly cables and wires, keeping your desk tidy and easy to use. Cable spines have an innovative method of organisation, as they have a twisting system that keeps the ‘vertebrae’ of the spine secure but easy to detach when you need to access the cables inside.

Monitor Arm

Mounts and monitor arms enable you to work comfortably whether you’re sitting or standing, because the arm can be moved to a range of different positions depending on how you’re working. Regardless of whether you’re using a laptop or a computer monitor. Monitor arms not only keep your desk tidy but they can also help to improve your posture, as you won’t be straining your neck when you’re working.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

You might be surprised how tiring it can be on your legs when you first start using a sit-stand desk, particularly if you were leading a fairly sedentary lifestyle beforehand.

An anti-fatigue mat is the perfect solution to this problem, helping you to avoid standing on a hard surface for too long which will keep your feet and legs comfortable. It also puts less pressure on your back.

Anti-fatigue mats have a dense core which helps to brace your feet, knees and hips when you’re standing, and are non-slip so you stay safe and avoid an accident. Combined with comfortable shoes, you’ll be able to take the pressure off your joints without difficulty.

Under Desk Drawer

Organisation can be difficult with any office set-up, but with a sit-stand desk you miss the drawers that often come as part of a desk to store documents and papers away.

The Under Desk Drawer fits neatly onto your desk and serves as the perfect complement to your moveable and flexible home office. With this affordable under-desk storage, you can keep important documents close to hand without them cluttering up your workspace.

Under Desk CPU Holder

CPU holders help to maximise the space you have available to you and also provides better access to ports or cables.

The under-desk CPU holder allow you to mount your computer case off the floor or the top of your desk, which helps to avoid it getting covered in dust.

An under-desk solution is a great way of benefitting from a CPU holder while still taking advantage of the versatility of a sit-stand desk, as it will move with the desktop as and when you need it.


Whether you work from an office or have a home set-up for remote working, a sit-stand desk is a great investment that can benefit your health and your productivity. Over 50% of workplace injuries are connected to musculoskeletal issues, which your desk can contribute to.

Repetitive motion injuries occur when you’re not working at a safe or comfortable position, but an ergonomically designed desk can alleviate these risks. A standing desk is a great first step to creating a healthier work environment, which can improve your posture, reduce fatigue and prevent neck and back pain. But it’s only the first step of the process. Accessories will help enhance your office environment further and will allow you to make the most of your sit-stand desk to reap the full rewards.

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