How A Standing Desk Can Save Your Business Money

Saving as much money as possible is a priority for any business, and if you can do this while improving your worker’s productivity at the same time, why wouldn’t you? More and more companies are making the change to standing desks within office environments, and it’s easy to see why, with such a great return in investment. Here’s how a standing desk can save your business money.

Improved Productivity

Recent studies have shown that an employee’s productivity is increased by 10% when using standing desks. This percentage could potentially mean an increase of 10% growth in earnings due to the rise of work being achieved and completed by each employee, meaning that your business could save a lot of money over time.

Not only do standing desks reduce the aches and pains that can commonly affect workers when sitting at desks, but they can also help to create a positive and productive working environment due to how open and accessible the workspace becomes.

Employees are able to see more of the working premises when standing, whereas sitting at a desk can lead to feelings of isolation if regular breaks aren’t taken to experience different views and surroundings. Improved productivity is likely to lead to improved moods for all workers, so your business can become a happy and positive environment for all.

Decrease in Sick Days

Businesses can lose thousands of pounds every year due to employee sick days, so it makes sense for them to do all that they can to reduce the number of sick days caused by injuries or illnesses instigated within the workplace.

Prolonged sitting can lead to a variety of different injuries including neck pain, back pain, limb pain and muscle strain, as well as multiple other musculoskeletal problems.

Standing desks can help to reduce these injuries from occurring by providing employees with an improved posture while working and can even decrease the chances of further issues occurring such as eye strain.

Research has shown that standing with our backs straight not only helps with our posture and productivity but can also help to reduce an individual’s risk of suffering from illnesses and diseases including diabetes, cancer, obesity and heart attacks.

Adaptable for All

A further benefit of standing desks is that they’re adjustable, which is great for businesses. Standing desks can be both height-adjustable and can convert back to sitting desks should any of your employees have any health problems or disabilities that mean they’re not able to stand while working.

Purchasing standing desks means the workstations can be adaptable for all, so each individual has the choice of how little and often they want to sit, and to what height is best suited for them to be able to achieve maximum productivity and creativity.

With so many businesses updating their desks to be in keeping with more modern and beneficial designs, it’s easy to see why standing desks are such a great investment, and how they can help save businesses money.

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