What Desk Option Should I Choose?

We all know that sitting down all day at your desk can cause issues such as back and neck pain – Studies have shown that sitting for long periods can be detrimental to our health, which is bad news for office workers who spend large amounts of their day stuck at a desk.

One easy way to alleviate back and neck pain, as well as the aches that come from sitting at a desk all day, is to move around more often and the more obvious choice is to invest in a Sit Stand Desk!

A height-adjustable desk that can transform into a standing desk in moments which means that you or your employees aren’t sitting for too long.

With a height-adjustable desk, you don’t have to limit yourself to sitting or standing for too long – you can move between the two easily in order to keep your body moving. The results aren’t only beneficial to your physical wellbeing but also your productivity and your mood.

There are two options when it comes to choosing a sit-stand desk – a whole desk replacement or an on-desk solution that will turn your existing desk into one that you can adjust. If you choose the former, you’ll have a larger space to work on and you can adjust the whole desk to whichever height works for you which delivers more flexibility.

However, if you have a desk you already love and that is still functional, it can be frustrating to have to switch it out for a new one. For these situations, an on-desk option can be a great compromise that enables you to work and stand, without having to get rid of your current desk.

Here are a selection of some of the best sit-stand desks we offer, whether you want a new desk or an adaptable solution for your existing set-up.

Solis 2 - Electric Height Adjustable Desk

The Solis 2 Height Adjustable Desk has dual electric motors and an advanced collision sensitivity to ensure complete safety at all times. It’s quick and easy to adjust, moving from 645mm to 1285mm in just seconds, so you don’t have to stop working for long in order to switch from sitting to standing. It has a touch-sensitive control and three pre-set heights for convenience. There’s also a handy sit-stand timer that will alert you as to when it’s time to change positions. The Solis 2 is made from a sturdy and stable steel construction and can support up to 120kg in weight.

HD2 Electric Height Adjustable Desk

The HD2 Height Adjustable Desk is made from a high-grade steel frame and comes with various colour options to tailor it to your style preferences. The anti-collision feature means you can adjust the height of the desk easily and safely, knowing it will automatically stop if it comes into contact with a solid object. The desk comes with a seven-year guarantee – a testament to its quality and durability – and the soft touch controls make it easy to move from standing to sitting in seconds.

HD3 Height Adjustable Corner Desk

Sometimes you need more space than a straight desk can provide, which is where the HD3 comes in. The HD3 Height Adjustable Corner Desk is great for larger offices or situations where you need two monitors, providing you with ample space but the same great convenience of a standard height adjustable desk. There are several finishes to choose from to match your surrounding décor and this desk supports an impressive 160kg in weight.

HD5 Height Adjustable Executive Desk

The HD5 Executive Desk is sleek and stylish, with a modern Scandinavian design and several wood finishes to pick between. It’s made from durable materials and comes in three different size configurations to suit your office space. The HD5 has a height range of 680mm to 1170mm, so you can comfortably adjust it to your desired height, with an anti-collision feature to ensure you’re safe.

HADO Gas Spring Sit-Stand Work Station

If you’re happy with your current desk but you want the flexibility to adjust the height whenever you want, a desk riser is a great solution. The HADO Gas Spring Sit-Stand Work Station makes it possible to change the positioning of your desk set-up with a single pull. A desk riser is a great compromise that can help alleviate lower back pain and improve your focus by enabling you to move throughout the day, without the need to spend on a new desk. This desk riser work station has an integrated keyboard tray, a phone or tablet mounting slot and is constructed from heavy duty steel for a longer life expectancy.

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