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HADO presents our double desk collection including the Gravity which are perfect for office working settings with a premium height adjustable desk design. 

These desks allow two people to work within a traditional bench system, with the facility to stand up to work at any time.  Each side can be used independently, with a separate soft-touch control for each desk

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Introducing The HADO Height Adjustable Double Desk

The HADO Height Adjustable Double Desk brings together the best of space-saving solutions with the ability to sit or stand at your desk while you work without impacting your colleagues work practices.

The back to back desk works on the traditional bench system, with soft touch controls that raise or lower your desk when you need to stretch your legs or sit down to focus.

Perfect for making sure you can optimise your office space, back to back office desks also facilitate partnership team working as you can easily speak with your work colleagues without leaving your work station.

The Benefits Of Using A Double Desk

Human beings weren’t made to sit down at a desk for hours at a time, but it’s a reality that many of us face every day.

Setting time aside to focus can be tricky and when you’re mid-flow, the last thing you want is a reminder from your tight shoulders or strained back that it’s time to move.

The HADO back to back desk is height adjustable which means that you can move your position without breaking your stride.

As well as making an instant difference on tight, tired muscles, HADO height adjustable back to back office desks can help reduce a post-lunch spike in blood sugar by 43%.

Working at a sit stand desk can also help you to change position before you get a build-up of stress and tension in your back, neck and arms.

Cost And Features

Made from top grade steel and with a range of desk surfaces on offer, the HADO double desks will look great in any office.

These desks are motorised, with the mechanisms cleverly concealed within the desk’s design.

There are two HD4 options available, with prices starting from £1,260 (inc VAT).

HADO also offer the Gravity Double Height Adjustable Desk which starts from £1928.00 (inc VAT), which allows you to control your desk height from your mobile phone.

Order Your Height Adjustable Double Desk Today

Transform your office with our back to back office desks from HADO.

Smart, affordable options for your office, buying your back to backs desks couldn’t be easier.

Simply browse from our affordable range of back to back office desks and then place your order online in a few clicks.

Put an end to sore shoulders and tense necks with a HADO height adjustable double desk.

You may wish to speak to a member of our customer service team who will help you with your order.

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