Sit Stand Desk: Experience The Benefits Of A Sit-stand Desk Today!

Sit-stand desks are a great solution for those looking to improve their posture and overall health while working. These adjustable desks allow you to switch between sitting and standing positions, reducing the negative effects of prolonged sitting. They can also increase productivity and energy levels throughout the day.

HADO are sit stand desk specialists, providing customers with all the health benefits of this versatile type of office furniture. 

Browse our impressive range of our best standing desks and sit stand electric desks below. You’ll find products which can be incorporated into a traditional corporate office environment as well as your remote homeworking setup. Check out our full range of electric sit stand desks below.

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Benefits of using a Sit Stand Desk

Height Adjustable Desks Online are proud to present the innovative sit stand desk which has been designed with the health of modern-day workers in mind.

Numerous studies have revealed that sitting at an office desk is part and parcel of a sedentary lifestyle.

This inactivity is linked to serious health conditions including diabetes, depression, heart disease and types of cancer.

Some scientists even liken sitting down all day to be as damaging to the human body as smoking is.

So how long is it safe to sit down for?

Experts believe that standing at a workstation for between 15-30 minutes out of every working hour is the most beneficial duration of time for workers.

But it’s not as simple as just taking chairs away and expecting people to stand instead, as the sudden change will likely cause pain in the body too.

The key is to gradually adjust to more standing by using a sit stand desk to allow you to switch positions for optimum comfort and health gains.

You can even opt for sit stand electric desks which will move to your preferred position with ease.

Improve Productivity and Posture with Sit Standing Desks

Standing desks are a perfect way to help improve overall productivity within your office or home space.


The main benefit of standing desks is the ability to create a healthy variation throughout your working day which will keep your concentration levels high.


This is as a sit stand desk gives you the ability to sit, stand, stretch, lean and walk throughout your day keeping your body moving and functional.

Our sit stand desks are designed to let you transition into many active working positions without disrupting your focus or productivity.

Choosing Your Sit Stand Desk

HADO is leading the stand-up desk revolution by providing offices across the UK with a wide variety of sit stand desk products and we are proud to offer:

Height Adjustable Desks, Natural wood standing desks, raw steel standing desk, sit stand electric desks and Mini sit stand desk UK range. 

Your choice of standing desk may be related to the space available to you, the existing décor within your office and of course personal preferences including budget.

If you’re ready to improve your health by investing in sit stand desks, please browse our online range.

Alternatively, you can contact HADO’s friendly and knowledgeable customer service team on 01622 320 709 today.

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