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Gravity Single Electric Sit Stand Desk

Classic Ash
Light Oak
Modern Oak
Plain Grey
Swiss Elm
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Black Cable Spine

Price: £54 (Inc VAT)

Gravity Single Height Screen

Gravity Modesty Panel

Single Toolbar Monitor Arm

Price: £92.00 (Inc VAT)

Anti Fatigue Mat

**Due to extended lead times on this product, please get in touch before ordering to check stock levels and availability**

Control your desk via your phone and be reminded to stand by your PC!

No other electric sit stand desk system in the UK offers such a complete package in one desk; from Sliding tops to Fold-down cable trays, Anti-collision mechanisms and optional Premium digital controller.



  • Dual Motor LINAK Mechanism
  • 5 year guarantee on electrical components, 10 years on top
  • 38mm / second movement
  • Lifting capacity 140kg minus top weight (Max Even Load Capacity)
  • 590-1250mm height adjustment
  • Ability to control via smart-phone with upgraded Bluetooth controller
  • Available in silver, white or black frame
  • Includes integrated cable tray
  • Heavy duty screens and modesty panels available
  • 13 colour top choices
  • Piezo anti collision system included
  • Supplied with Linak 3 settable memory controller



Stand Up To Your Health

Sitting for hours at a time is detrimental to your health, yet many of us often do it without a second thought if we work in an office-based environment, are studying or drive vehicles for a living. Experts are still unsure as to the exact reasons why, but it’s common knowledge that sitting down for extended periods can lead to numerous health concerns, such as an increased risk of heart disease, obesity and even certain cancers. There are even campaigns in the UK to try and get the UK moving more, to try and reduce our inactive lifestyles that we’ve defaulted to.

A sedentary lifestyle can be combated to some extent with a sit stand desk – these adjustable desks for standing or sitting encourage us to get up out of our seats more often. Some studies suggest that they may have some physical and mental health benefits too. Some of the most famous names of our time have been advocates for the sit stand desk, including Leonard da Vinci, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway and Arianna Huffington.

1. Lower the risk of heart disease

There’s no denying that spending more time on your feet is better for your heart health. Sitting for prolonged periods of time has been thought to increase the risk of heart disease exponentially. By incorporating more movement, even if that’s just choosing to stand instead of sit while you’re doing other activities you’d normally sit down for, such as working at a desk, your heart health will benefit.

A 2013 study showed that using a standing desk led to the heart beating an average of ten beats faster a minute than when sitting down. These additional calories burned mount up over the course of a week to improve your heart health and reduce the risk of heart-related diseases.

2. Reduce obesity and burn more calories

As we know, weight gain is typically caused by consuming more calories than we burn. Naturally, exercising is the best and most effective way to burn calories quickly and increase our fitness levels, but simply opting to stand instead of sit can benefit your health as well.

When it comes to weight and reducing the risk of obesity, even small changes can soon mount up and changing the way we work in such an easy way with minimal effort can contribute towards a healthier lifestyle.

3. Improve back pain

Anyone who has worked an office-based job will know how painful sitting at a desk can be on their back. After hours of slouching in the same position over a keyboard repeatedly, over months or even years, your posture begins to suffer and this can lead to long-term back pain, neck complaints and even migraines.

A sit stand desk can help to straighten out your posture while you work, alleviating the stress on your back and neck, and helping to reduce the risk of long-term damage.

4. Lower blood sugar levels

After we eat, our blood sugar levels increase – the higher the levels, the worse it is for our health. For those with insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes, this is particularly true and can lead to dangerous health complications.

Excessive bouts of sedentary time has been linked to a 112% higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, but a small study carried out in 2014 found that standing for 180 minutes after lunch reduced the spike in blood sugar levels by 43% compared to those sitting for the same amount of time.

Sit stand desks can be beneficial in reminding us to move and stand more often throughout the day to help improve our overall health.

5. Increase productivity, energy and mood

Standing forces us to keep changing our positions to prevent discomfort, which keeps us focused and stops us from procrastinating, so it can even help with our creativity and productivity. Studies have also suggested that standing desks help to increase energy levels and improve our mood.

Just by changing your positioning, you can vary where the stress in your body accumulates, giving you more control. Just by changing your position you can change where the stress in your body is accumulating, and physical stress plays a big part in our mood. If you find that you’re more focused either sitting or standing though, choose those times when you really need to focus to do either of these that works best for you.

6. How to make the transition to an adjustable desk

If you’re inspired to switch to a sit stand desk, there are some things to consider as you transition to this way of working. Don’t try to adjust too quickly, particularly if you’ve gone a long time used to sitting down. Firstly, remember to take it slow – if you’re used to spending six hours sitting down, your body won’t adjust well to suddenly having to stand for long periods.

Aim to sit for three of your waking hours each day, beginning with 20 minutes at a time so your body can adjust slowly without any unnecessary strain. Also consider your knees and hips – standing can place stress on these areas in place of your back and neck if you’re not supporting them correctly, so stand on a gel mat to soften the impact on these joints. Finally, remember that standing isn’t a replacement for movement so to really see the health benefits of being more active, you should be walking more as well.


Premium Bluetooth Controller

Truly digital and with a clever design, the LINAK® Premium Bluetooth Controller is designed to help users of adjustable desks get the most out of their height adjustable desks.

Desk Panels are operated via tilt instead of buttons, so there is no need to look while adjusting the desk. Push it twice, and the desk drives automatically between the user’s stored
memory positions.

Desk Panels are a platform of endless functionality possibilities. Via the integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology, you can connect the Desk Panel with the Desk Control App and get additional features
such as user statistics and reminders on your phone.

Black Cable Spine

To safely route all power and data cabling to the floor, we offer an easy-assemble cable spine option, available in black only for your Volt, Aerial, Evolution or Gravity Desk.

These spines will facilitate any height adjustable desk of up to 1300mm in height, and have removable segments, which enables them to be shortened if required.

Gravity Screen

Add a splash of colour to your Gravity Desk with this single height screen accessory.

The Gravity Screen is designed for the Gravity Single or Gravity Double height adjustable desk range. This screen fits each individual desk and is unaffected by other desks. 

A heavy duty screen and recommended to be used when hanging more than one monitor. 

The screen also has a built in four rail toolbar. 

Large range of colour fabrics available – please see the screen colour options tab for the full range available.

Gravity Modesty Panel

Modesty Panel For Gravity Desk. 

If you require a little more privacy then this desk accessory is for you. Picture shows the modesty panel fitted to the underside of the desk below the fabric screen and is simple to fit. 


Single Tool Bar Monitor Arm

Flat Screen Arm monitor arms have been designed to hold the latest screen technology, enabling the user to adjust the height, angles and viewing preferences, which in return helps the desk user to achieve the correct posture whilst working.

Anti Fatigue Mat

Protect your flooring whilst using your height adjustable desk with HADO’s Anti Fatigue Mat.

Highly durable and tough enough to resist the daily pressure on your flooring.

Anti-Slip design, water resistant and easy to wipe clean.


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